Company Profile

ASK-VoIP mission is to become the dominant supplier of high quality international voice & data services to global carriers.

The typical ASK-VoIP customer is a Europe or foreign based international communications carrier, prepaid card company, or Cellular network operator. These entities utilize global communication networks to terminate their international calls. The company is continually adding new customers that require high quality international terminations for their global communications traffic.


Transit network of our company consists of routing points, which are located in Europe. It gives us a good connectivity to both American and European telecoms.

100% of transit services are routed at our main PoP in France. The network consists only from reliable lisensed equipment of world-known manufacturers, like Cisco and Quintum.

Our summary links has more the 2 Gbit capacity for European and American customers.

Routing and software tools are based on powerful solution of world-known manufacturer IntereXchage Carrier: